How your Bathroom Scale Can Make You Wise!

So, where does one ordinarily encounter the truth? What are some things that come to mind – Laborious effort in a laboratory –a process of rigorous dialogue, which is maintained over time within a Greco-Roman context. Is truth only obtained in an extraordinary manner, place, time, or means? What if truth were really an ordinary feature of your experience?

Your bathroom scale tells the truth. Sorry.

Let’s make a thought experiment to see if we can locate truth. After turning off your alarm, you rise out of your bed and make your way to the hallway. As you walk in the hallway, you stop to examine the wall by placing your hand firmly against the surface and then pushing. After applying some firm pressure, you say: “this wall is true.” Now, you make your way into the bathroom and look in the mirror. You bring your face in close to the mirror to get a close look at your teethe. You notice that your teeth are permeated in yellow: “that can’t be right! I have brushed them faithfully.” Now, you make your way to the bathroom scale. Stepping on the scale and the final results, you exclaim: “this scale must be broken!”

Truth is a common feature of the human experience.

Now, we could continue this experiment for quite some time. But, let’s pause and ask the question: have encountered truth at any point in this scenario? Yes, this imaginary person may not like the truth, in every case, but she certainly has encountered the truth and ordinary experience, because truth is simply a proposition that corresponds to the way things are in reality.

Truth is a prerequisite to wisdom.

If one is not recognize that its ordinary feature experience, then one can actually miss out on experience itself. You see, time does not make a person wise, but time can provide the opportunity to become wise, if one takes advantage of truth as a common feature of a human life.

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