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Why Indiana Jones is Wrong About Faith

I love a good action movie. The original trilogy of Indiana Jones is no exception. There is good acting, a wonderful score and plenty of chutzpah. Together, these elements great an entertaining movie. There is more to them than explosions though. Indy, as an archeologist, has interactions with the supernatural in all three films. He sees the power of the ark of the covenant. He witnesses the power of the occult. He sees the consequences of drinking from the Holy Grail.

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Why You Should Talk To You Children About Their Favorite Shows

Children are far from innocent. I learned this when I volunteered at my church’s Super Bowl party last year, and I was put in charge of the inflatable football throw. I initially left the children to sort themselves out. This was a horrible idea. Two developments happened. First, the group of children created chaos. They were pushing and shoving each other to grab a football and then jumping onto the inflatable if they did not get one. After a few minutes of this, the older children began to create order. They decided that they would throw the football as many times as they would like, and leave everyone else in the lurch.

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